Aurora Bot

The magnetomer in Kiruna is being worked on, values from this website will be unreliable for a while

The aurora bot is a project once made on a loungy hackday. The target of the bot is to create some kind of way to keep me (Peter) apprised of events happening up in the sky outside my house. The bot sends out a ping throughout my social outlets apprising me and those around me to step outside for nature's beauty, when things happen.

This project is open source! Check out the code in the Gitlab repo!

There are different paths in this "API" that you are free to use, note that the JSON and TXT files are created at intervals and cached for 1 minute to lower the pressure to third party API's used in this project

Want to use my code, chat me up or go for a cup of coffee? Just contact me, the details are on Gitlab

I'd like to thank the Swedish Institute of Space Physics for their fantastic magnetogram-endpoints and for their beautiful weather API that allows this system to see the clouds!

Aurora data as JSON

Live data


This data can be used to see the current KP measured from sampling the last 3 minutes of IRF's raw data coming from their Kiruna site.

5-day forecast


The data in this API come from NOAA's experimental data-sets. the API shows all stronger auroral events in the next 5 days. The report is generated every day at 15:00 UTC.
The events shown only include auroral events that would happen during the central european night-time.

Current KP data as TXT


The kp seen in this file matches the kp in the JSON file above and uses the same data. The only difference is that all context has been stripped away to make it easy for the number to be implemented in fun side-projects and external site-scripts.
One of those fun side-projects is my Tmux KP stat widget.